Bocote Accent Fire Piston w/ Bocote Lanyard Bead
Bocote Accent Fire Piston w/ Integral Lanyard
Caraboa Fire Piston
Manganda-Kahoy Fire Piston
Mini Fire Piston w/ Brass Lanyard Attachment
Amboyna Cap Fire Piston
Dalbergia Fire Piston
This Mini Horn Fire Piston is carefully made from Water
Buffalo Horn.  It takes an absolutely perfect piece of Horn to
make a mini fire piston.  It takes more precision to make a mini
model.  Its rod is made from Cocobolo and this model offers an
O-Ring seal.  There is a lathed brass integral lanyard hole and
it comes with a hand braided lanyard.
This was a fun one to make.  It is Water Buffalo Horn with a
gorgeous Amboyna Burl cap.  This wood shimmers and the
grain seems to move holographically, which can not be
captured in a photo.   This fire piston is simply beautiful.
This is probably the most asked for fire piston period as far
as custom models go.  It is very skillfully lathed with a
Bocote wood accent on the body.  It also comes with a
Bocote lanyard bead, which completes this fire piston.
Another Horn with Bocote Accents fire piston, this model is
comes with an integral lanyard attachment.  Wood Accents
are sleeved over the horn and lathed as one piece with the rest
of the body.
Some of the materials with these fire pistons must be special ordered, and each of these
fire pistons are custom made to your needs, understanding that some changes or
additions may change the price
 We will do our best to keep you informed on the
progress of your fire piston, but without the wait you would have with our main
to order a custom fire piston similar to these.  Only the best and prettiest
materials will be used with these fire pistons competition.
Similar to the Manganda-Kahoy model above, this model is
made from the more even brown tones to make this model
match more closely with the coloring of the woods used
primitively.  This model comes with an integral lanyard
attachment.   (Dalbergia retusa is the Latin name for
Cocobolo.)  (The Tomahawk was a gift for Becky.)
This Cocobolo model is made from the prettiest grained
pieces I have and comes with an integral lanyard hole with a
matching Cococbolo bead.   It also comes with a spare
Cocobolo lanyard bead for those who prefer to hang their
fire kit from the bottom of the piston.   (Manganda-Kahoy is
Filipino for 'pretty wood.'
This fire piston is lathed to look similar to photographed
traditional South-East Asian models. This model is similar to
the Amboyna Cap model but with a Horn cap,  matching horn
lanyard bead and black lanyard.   (Caraboa is a universal
Asian term for the Swamp Buffalo species.)
FYI: We try to keep the names of the fire piston
models simple and directly related to the design of the
model.  We are running out of choices, however,  with
the increasing number of models.  All names below are
carefully chosen words related to each model in
another language, such as Manganda-Kahoy, which
means 'pretty wood' in Filipino.
Custom Fire Pistons
You won't find fire pistons
like these ANYWHERE!  
Custom fire pistons
elsewhere start at $80.  Find
them here as low as $55!
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The Bug Fire Piston
This is The Bug Fire Piston.  This was suppose to be just a fun
model for eBay auction but since there are requests, I
thought I'd offer it here.
Get this here with a
Tinder-Carry Cap.